Crystal therapy

Crystal Therapy is an alternative therapy that uses crystals as instruments of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healing.

Crystals are living creatures, ancestors, of strong vibration, which contain healing powers from the depths of the Earth and the mineral world. They contain the Earth’s DNA and all the information of our evolution and the creation of the universe.

Crystals are fantastic natural enhancers of energy, they absorb, store.
They renew, regulate, unlock, release and amplify the energy with which they interact.

With a very high and rhythmic vibration, the crystals radiate pure and undisturbed energy.

When used in different parts of our body, its vibration comes in contact with ours, returning our energy / vibration back to harmony. Restoring health and integral well-being.

Quando quiser simplesmente experimentar opte pela nossa massagem vibracional com cristais e sinta um bem-estar geral.