Access to Treatments

All therapies require informed consent from the client through a mandatory completion of a health questionnaire. Following the answers given, you can check contraindications that cause a change in therapy.

Get ready

We recommend that our clients arrive 10 minutes before each therapy, to settle comfortably and enjoy the excellent conditions that we have to offer.

What to Wear

No specific clothing is required, we have disposable and comfortable clothing.


In order to maintain the harmony of the space, we ask that you turn off your mobile phone. When speaking use a low, quiet tone of voice to preserve the intended relaxing environment.
It is also prohibited alcohol consumption and heavy food consumption before massages.


Your privacy will be fully respected in all therapies.
In the case of massages, the therapist will leave the room to settle comfortably. The ladies may choose to include the bust area or not at all massages.


Late arrival for therapies will limit the duration of therapy. This limits the satisfaction and expected benefits.

Cancellation policy

For consideration with other users of the space, since your treatment requires that the premises be reserved, we ask that you advise in advance if you can not attend. Our team will be happy to make a new appointment.
Cancellation should occur 24 hours in advance.

Payment Methods

At Hamsa you can pay by bank transfer, cash, paypal, MBWay.

ATM is out of order.


Hamsa takes responsibility for missing or stolen valuables.

Gift Voucher

Purchase a gift voucher with which to surprise at all times. You can request via web, ctt or in person.

Talk to us

We always do our best to anticipate your wishes, however we know that knowledge a Spa experience is very personal. Please inform the therapist if, in any way we can improve your therapy or comfort.

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